The Hitchingham Group

Starting a Nonprofit

Build a strong foundation for your organization to grow


Nonprofits are an integral component of a community, meeting needs and creating solutions rooted in mission and moxie. Starting with your dream, The Hitchingham Group can guide you through the process of creating an organization that will be sustainable for years to come.



You have a dream of starting a nonprofit, and we can help you bring that to life! Working closely with the Board and Founders, we will create your Mission Statement, define the guiding values of the organization, and host a session analyzing the existing attributes of the team and environment to frame a plan to move forward.


Bylaws, Board of Directors, marketing plans, bank accounts, budgets: they are all part of the creation of a nonprofit and can be overwhelming. Our team will navigate you through the nitty-gritty of nonprofit operations to ensure your dream comes to light.


Dreams can require a lot of paperwork, so let our experts take care of it. Our team is experienced in establishing nonprofits in several states and on a national scale. We will file the necessary paperwork to create your nonprofit correctly and legally, set up compliant accounts when necessary, and manage the IRS filings.