The Hitchingham Group

Grant Management

Clear and easy to use tools to manage all of your revenue streams


Good management grows infrastructure. Results build on themselves. Donors want to see return on investments, impact in the community, and quantifiable results; with the right tools and training, you can hit your targets, accomplish your mission, and solidify relationships with stakeholders.



In order to ensure proper stewardship of their financial contributions, foundations and major donors are requiring ever-more sophisticated reporting metrics for both financials and program deliverables. We will evaluate your portfolio of donations and awards and create create compliance systems that align with the requirements of your funders.


Effectively managing a portfolio of grants is a full team effort; the more transparency throughout the process, the more buy-in from staff and collaboration from the team. Once we assess your compliance and management needs, our team will train yours on using the tools, basics of grant management, and familiarity with the funding landscape to ensure an organization-wide assist.


Sophisticated and transparent grant reporting is vital to the sustainability of a nonprofit. By installing processes to manage grants from the moment the award letter is received, our team will ensure that you are positioned for success when communicating with donors. From data and financial tracking and analysis, to compliance and audit management, grant reporting and staff collaboration, we will guide you every step of the way to create lasting relationships with donors and the community you serve.