The Hitchingham Group

Financial Analysis

Build trust through fiscal responsibility and financial transparency


A strong financial backbone is the key to any organization's sustainability and impact in the community. Whether your organization is funded by individual donations, foundation grants, or other income streams, The Hitchingham Group will create turn-key solutions to your annual organizational budget and monthly forecasting needs, and draft reports on a regular basis to staff, Board Members, Donors, and other Stakeholders.


Budgeting & forecasting

Accurately and transparently managing the finances of a nonprofit is crucial to achieving your goals. Our team has over a decade of nonprofit financial experience and can create tools and systems to manage your revenue and expenses, accurately budget and anticipate growth, support your team’s needs, and quickly make financial adjustments when necessary.


By using simple, efficient tools to manage revenue and expenses, your team will be able to see the overall financial picture of the organization, tell a story through numbers, and quickly gauge your financial health. With our expertise, your team will have an effective and transparent means of assessing risk, anticipating growth, and accurately communicating with stakeholders the position of the organization.


Good fiscal stewardship and transparency is a key component in the foundation of trust, and our team can equip you to create clear and concise financial reports for board members, donors, staff, and other community stakeholders.